Thursday, October 29, 2015


    While walking city campus, pedestrians are faced with many different obstacles. These obstacles range from dodging cars, construction, skate-boarders, all the way to avoiding being hit by another student riding a bike. It is common knowledge that bicycles belong on the road, but with the amount of traffic here on campus, that is not possible. Because of this, bicyclists often ride their bikes through populated areas, going against UNL's advice. Via the campus parking website, it is stated that:
 "Bicyclists are encouraged to "walk" their bicycles when there is heavy pedestrian traffic on campus. Care should also be exercised in riding on streets in or near campus."
Many bicyclists do not adhere to this advice, and they nearly run into people. There have been few signs placed around campus in the past, but as of recently we have not seen any. The former signs were placed in the middle of grassy areas, stating that a 3-foot gap should be left between a pedestrian and bicycle.
The goal of this campaign is to hopefully get the University on board with us, and to get the campus website updated. As of today, there is no information related to any of this. We hope to change that, and hopefully can get some signage placed throughout campus by the spring semester.

For more information on the current rules and regulations on bicycle safety here on campus, please click here.

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